Format hard drive should delete recordings

I just installed a new hd and i want to keep my schedule so i dont want to factory reset. So now i have to go through all my “recordings” which aren’t really there and manually delete them. :unamused: It should would be easy to put an option in to delete hose recordings when you format the hd.

Did you follow this process?

I don’t know why the format process didn’t do what it was supposed to but some third party tools work better for managing lots of recordings at once. If the help article doesn’t fix the issue Tablo ripper is a good app on Windows. You can delete one recording or everything in a couple clicks.

Good luck!

Supposedly overnight maintenance mode will clean the DB of missing recordings. So users waited it out and say it works, some claim to have issues… but it’s always unclear what each have done.

The “entries” for the recordings were left… in the internal DB -

go through all my “recordings” which aren’t really there

Even though the DB is on a different physical media from the video files it seems strange clearing the DB is not a part of the process or at least an option you can check.

Re-formatting isn’t a regular or normal process. It’s generally done once during initial set-up. As nice as it may be for some… it’s likely an extremely small amount of user who have a legitimate need for it… presuming overnight maintenance mode cleans up the unused DB entries – it’s even more unnecessary.

I agree the option for recordings which aren’t there could be extremely annoying, it probably very uncommon. Many users choose to factory reset to get a fresh start, some don’t.

Maybe it’s like why there’s no “reboot” button to click. If it gets click by mistake… OH NO. Or in a multi-user household, - “well I thought it would…” and it doesn’t and you told them to leave the fixing-things to you.

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It’s been almost 4 years since I switched drives so I don’t remember all the minutiae. I learned a lot on the subject before I did it but I also forgot a lot since then. :rofl: