Force Tablo to 5 GH network

I reconfigured my router and made the 2.4 have one name and the 5 have a different name.  It was easy to change the Roku to 5, but how do I change the Tablo to use the 5?

@beastman In the tablo web or Android app you click disconnect then click edit wifi and proceed just as you normally would only using the 5ghz name.

Got the Tablo and Roku 3 (both in living room, where router is) on 5ghz and have the Roku LT on the 2.4 since it is in the bedroom and has to go thru a wall.  It is the stronger network there.  For some reason with this setup, I now have to manually set up port forwarding. No big deal...set it up and it works... (tested on LTE while home)

Thanks @KyleR

BTW, where in Upstate NY?  I'm from Watertown.

Have you assigned your tablo a permanent ip address through your router? That seems to help with port forwarding issues.

I’m closer to the Buffalo area, but have been to Watertown (Fort drum) a few times.

I’ve set up DHCP Reservations - in fact had them prior to the beta.

Been a VERY LONG time since I’ve been to New York.

You’re not missing much. Unless you miss the cold and Lake effect snow lol

Any noticeable performance differences with the Tablo on the 5 GHz band?

Haven’t gotten No Tablo Found but it hasn’t been a day yet.