For those weighing Tablo vs TiVo, costs and thoughts

Who change horses ever year, thought horse are like pets.

More than you might think. I have a lot of techno-junkies friends. And while I appreciate what I learn from their experiences, they are on a search often times for a type of satisfaction, that might not even be tied to finding a solution to their (for example) cord cutting “problems”, but maybe more about the “high” of always reinventing (as it were), the “solution”.

Not to be confused with the “Ooo! Look! Shiny! New!” fallacy, which assumes that anything that’s new and different must automatically, inherently, and without question be better.

So true. The marketing machine is very powerful and touches the fear otherwise know as FOBO!
Even my puppy has a bad case of FOBO…fear of better options…

I’m one of them.