For the second week in a row

My Tablo has locked up/crashed at 9:12pm eastern on a Friday two weeks in a row. Both times my wife and I were watching a recorded show that we had paused to attend to our baby. Last week we came back in the living room and saw the Tablo disconnected error, went in the spare room where it’s located and saw the blue light was off. Turned power off and back on and it came back up. Tonight same scenario I saw the error, looked in the spare room the light was blinking as it was already coming back up and it indeed came up fine. Anyone else experience this? Same error at the same time two weeks in a row?

I misremembered. The first error last week occurred at 906pm. I didn’t notice/get it to reboot until 912pm

I have been having this issue for a few months now though much less frequently and it seems many people have from other post I have seen, I am referring to the light going off altogether. For me it seems to happen more when more then one device is connected but happens sporadically also.