For Sale: Tablo 2 Tuner


I purchased a 2 tuner Tablo from Amazon back on September of 2015. I’ve been using it in our living room since then and my family is not adjusting to it very well.

I purchased the Tablo for $195 and will sell it for $100. It’s been in my hardware rack alongside my router and modem since purchase and is still in great condition. I activated the on screen guide for a year and it’s still activated until September.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in this box.



If I may, what are the adjustment problems?

Probably the same ones you’re having in life…


Well, the Tablo box was easy to set up and run. When tuning from one channel to the next, it takes about 15 - 20 seconds before the channel appears. Also, the DVR capability works well for a while. Then the channel guide no longer displays and you cannot scroll to the other channels in the listing. The hardware just seems too clunky for what we’re looking for.

Do you still have the device available for sale?

Hi tickko.

Yes. I still have the device available for sale.

Do you still have the tuner for sale?


Hi Jerry

I’m sorry but I just sold the device.