For Sale: 4 Tuner Tablo

Hi everyone, 

As much as I would like to because I have seen improvement from the product and support since I purchased last year, it is just not passing muster with the family. If it was just me, it would be easy to keep, but for my own sanity I have to let it go. If anyone is interested in purchasing the unit and hard drive, let me know. 

FYI - I noticed a couple of used Tablo’s for sale with Amazon. You might consider listing your Tablo there if unsuccessful here.


Would you be interested trading straight up for an HDHomerun Prime and a HDHomerun Dual?

@thebellenir see the thread below, another forum member ( @emailrob ) is looking for a 4-tuner Tablo.

I May be interested. I sent you a message to get the details.

Bump…Still have this. If anyone or the folks that previously responded are still interested, let me know.

Are you sure you don’t want to wait until the new firmware is released early August and test again? The difference between when I got my Tablo and the 2.2.3 beta firmware is NIGHT and DAY!

How much? PM ME.

Yup, it just isn’t stable enough with iOS (specifically iPhones) and Apple TV. Would have been a pretty cool solution, but they focused resources elsewhere.

PM sent.

I’ve had many of the same frustrations with the Apple TV and services like this and Sling. I convinced the gf to let me get an Amazon Fire TV Stick to work with Sling and Tablo is much better on it as well. We’re already excited to get more use out of the Tablo with the new falls shows coming up.

Did you manage to. get it when it was deal of the day at Best Buy for under $25? That’s when I got mine.

Still for sale? If so, please send me info, I think I’m going to order one this week.

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Hey there, yes it is. Sent you a message.

Bumping this up.

Still have this for sale. Respond here or message me and I will respond as quickly as I can. Motivated to get this thing off my desk, so first $200 + shipping takes the unit.

Still for sale? If so, how much?