For Sale: 4 Tuner and 2 Roku 3's

No longer going the Tablo route so I’ve got a 4 Tuner Tablo to sell and also 2 Roku 3’s. One is the newer Roku 3 with voice search, and the other is the older version of the Roku 3. Both have remotes. Willing to sell them all together for $375 shipped or best offer. Not sure if it can be transferred but the tablo has the guide paid up until May 15th. Please msg me with any questions.

Any interest in selling a Roku separately?

Ah sure why not. $60 shipped for the newer Roku 3 with remote, or $50 shipped for the older version of the Roku 3 with remote. Well assuming we are talking about USA shipping that is.

PM w/ details. I’d like to grab the older Roku 3 from you. Can Paypal, Square Cash, whatever

How much for just the Tablo?

$240 for the tablo shipped is the best I can do. The newer Roku 3 is gone.

Is the Tablo still for sale?