For Sale ($150): Tablo 4-Tuner DVR

I’m selling my Tablo 4-Tuner DVR if anyone is interested. It’s in excellent condition and currently selling due to inconsistent OTA reception. Feel free to check out images and make an offer directly on OfferUp or respond here.

Tablo Listing -

How far do you live from the tv towers?

I had the problem but I bought this antenna from Amazon about three years ago and it works perfectly. It’s good fo UHF and VHF and it work for up to 70 miles. But I can’t testify to that because I am only about 25 miles from the tv towers.

My 4 tuner tablo’s reception has been terrible since the last firmware update too. I am 7 miles from the tower. I have tried everything. I guess I need to get an outdoor antenna at some point. Though it used to work fine.

@JohnBoy5562 - Thanks for the suggestion. I originally bought a Tablo to supplement local channels that were not available through my streaming cable service, but have since switched to a service that provides all local channels.

That antenna would most likely solve my OTA reception issues as I was using a cheaper, indoor antenna , but currently all set with my streaming service.

Let me ask some family members if they are willing to cut the cord? Would you be able to ship to Indianapolis, IN; I’d pay for shipping of course. If you don’t hear from me in a couple of days, go ahead and sell it to whomever. Thanks for the offer!!

@KirkH - Definitely willing to ship. Let me know what you find out. Also, not to push OfferUp but they have built in nationwide shipping if you want to go that route.

Motivated to sell this quickly if anyone is thinking of making an offer.

I asked my parents and my sister and as of right now. They are not ready. What a shame too.
Hope you find a buyer.

@KirkH - Thanks for checking! Actually have a buyer and sending out today, but left this up until the sale is confirmed.

$100 shipped?

I’m also thinking of selling my Tablo. What do you need to do to the Tablo to resell? Hard reset, format the storage, etc?

So you are selling a 2-tuner and a 4-tuner?

I’m selling a 2 tuner Tablo

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