Football Games Scheduling Not Sticking

I’m having issues with my new Tablo where I set a game to record, but when I check my schedule recordings a couple of days later, it doesn’t show as being scheduled.

I’m trying to record Alabama at Georgia on CBS. I’ve now set it to record twice.

It’s not a matter of the teams finally being announced, that was settled last week when I first scheduled it to record.

Welcome to the club. I believe Nuvyyo said they have isolated this problem and are working on a fix.

I had to set the Titans-Colts games three times. If the description changes at all, it’s basically a new show to the Tablo.

Even with the problem it use to be that if you made sure the games were scheduled the day of the game and after the guide update they would record.

But last Saturday I had 7 college games scheduled across 2 tablos. Five on one tablo and two of the other. That’s 27 quarters of football. The five on one tablo all recorded properly. For the two games on the other tablo , one game recording totally disappeared and on the other the “extend live recordings” didn’t work. Thus the recording ended exactly at 3 hours and 5 minutes - or 3 quarters.

So tablo recorded 22 out of 27 quarters. Or 81% of the games.

Yikes… thanks for the feedback everyone. I will login at 2:29pm and make sure my game is going to record.

Many people don’t have this problem but once you have it it won’t go away until there is a tablo fix. Tablo has looked at my devices and supposedly understands what is happening. So they should be able to fix it.

But not all scheduled sports disappear after the guide update. It could be only one out of four. To me it’s become a game. For over a week I’ve been scheduling the Thursday Oct 1st NFL game and check in the morning to find it gone. Here I go again to schedule the game.

I keep having this same problem as well. I’m a huge Colts fan and keep scheduling their games as they show up in the guide. I come back a few days later and most are not set to record anymore. I’ve been trying to make it a point to check on gameday to make sure they are still set, or to re set them so I won’t miss. Kind of annoying but I’m still getting them recording.

You should also pay attention to whether the sports event is labeled as live. For two weeks in a row the Ohio State game was available in my ZIP code. But on both occasions it wasn’t labeled as live.