Following a sports team

It would be very cool to setup a recording for all games from my favourite sports teams.

Currently I need to manually record each hockey game I want to record.

A season pass for a particular team would be very useful.

+1 for that idea.

Im not a sports watcher for the most part, but that is one very cool idea!


We’ve had a few folks ask for this! Great idea!

Would be nice to also be able to do the same with an actor/director as well … eg. “record all movies / tv shows with XXX in them” …

@ericgus - That would be cool too but it’s unlikely we’d get that level of metadata from our guide provider. We do have team name data though. 

Update:  it looks like for movies anyway the meta-data provider does provide some info already:

Daddy Day Camp

Comedy PG 
Released 2007       Running Time  1 hour   29 minutes

Spurred on by their wives’ insistence that their children attend summer camp, daycare entrepreneurs Charlie Hinton (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and his friend Phil (Paul Rae) decide to buy their dilapidated alma mater, Camp Driftwood. The men face a near impossible task; not only must they renovate the place, but they face stiff competition from nearby Camp Canola, which is run by Charlie’s arch-rival, Lance (Lochlyn Munro). Charlie asks his estranged father for help in restoring Driftwood’s former glory.

Director: Fred Savage

one can dream… plus ask the meta data provider … perhaps no one ever wanted it … 

Yes - movies have a lot of good stuff. TV shows not as much. 

Ask them if its possible … see what they say … it doesn’t hurt to ask … lol…

I just came up with the same requirement. I’ve made a developer request for an API that allows me to pull back all of the ‘teams’ that the Tablo stores so I can build an interface to allow exactly that type of feature :slight_smile:

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At some point in life you wake up and realize that 80% of sports is mediocre at best. And what you really want is a filter where you enter a huge list of teams you don’t want to watch regardless of who they are playing.

aka Grumpy Old Guy Filter

Teams/players across all sporting events? Type, Sport Then each have a Genre most are obvious… Is this dependent on how specific the information in the guide data? Just wonder’n