Fixed - not working

I thought I would share. The fix is easy and probably works on Firefox too. Simple clear the browser cache situation. Then wait for the browser to sync with the Tablo again. I hope everyone is doing well! Was not show most of the media on my Tablo. The shows it does present it claims there is only one episode of. When I click them it says there are 0 episodes. It became absolutely useless in Chrome which is less then optimal since the Chome browser has a much better interface and reliability then when using Firefox. ;(


I had this same issue this morning. Nothing was popping up through either Firefox or Chrome and everything was fine yesterday. A simple clearing of cache worked wonders.

This did work in both Chrome and Firefox.

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@TabloTV For the second time I’ve had to go through this procedure. Each time the issue happened right after a “connection error”. This was never a problems until the last couple days. Today I was watching a show and I got the connection error right in the middle of it. Both times were on Chrome. The Tablo and PC are hard wired to the ethernet ports on my router. Windows 10, Chrome Version 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Was it live or recorded?

Complicated answer … The program was recording but I accessed it from the live guide. I also had been timeshifting but I believe I was caught up with the program in real time when the error occurred.

I believe the error on the previous occasion occurred as I was browsing recordings but had not yet selected one.

OK so it was an in-progress recording.

Was that recording broken into two pieces when it was complete? This will help us understand if the Tablo simply lost connection with your device or your network, versus an error in the broadcast stream.

I use Chrome (beta and/or stable), occasionally Firefox, daily to access my tablos to check and update scheduling and haven’t encountered any issues.

The recording was complete in one piece.

Neither have I until very recently. I use both Chrome and Firefox quite regularly.

Hrm… That would indicate a connectivity problem.

If you see it happen again, make a note of the date & time and touch base with support ASAP with details so we can check out the logs:

Well I did one time several weeks back probably after a Chrome upgrade… just say’n it doesn’t appear to be widespread. But a couple suggest some consistent quirks.