Fix this website please!

I may be the only one, but when I first come to this website, I have to click on a topic (which will always fail to load), then click back on the “Tablo community” logo, then back on the topic. Works fine after that, but I sure am getting tired of make this website work this way.


I don’t have that issue, maybe a browser cache issue? Try clearing the cache and see if that helps.

Hearing “it works fine for me” doesn’t help I know, but hey, it works fine for me! I’m using Chrome, no issues with this site at all.
Do you have an ad blocker or cookie manager extension (ot other extension) that is perhaps causing that behavior?
Like @Jestep said, try clearing cookies & cache and see if that helps. Did you say what browser and OS you’re using?

Had a buggered up firefox so I did a full uninstall and decided to try Chrome again. I switch back and forth for one reason or another every few months, at least once a year.


I get the same issue in Chrome. When it happens I close Chrome and reopen. I’ll try clicking the logo next time and see if that gets it working for me too.

Have you gone into Settings and cleaned out the cache? While Tablo is experiencing a number of well documented problems, the stability of the Chrome website has not been widely questioned.

Yes, I have, and I started a thread on it a couple weeks ago.

I’ve had problems with slow access times as well as hanging. Clearing the cache should help the access times, but I doubt it would make any difference when the browser is hanging on a specific site, unless something on that specific site is looking for something in it’s cookies and is not finding it. But, yes, I have cleared the cache and restarted Firefox and it would still do this. More then likely, there is something going on with other cookies, or maybe some of my add-on’s are the culprit. The only way I have ever been able to get it working without hanging is clicking on the Tablo community icon and let it reload the home page. Works then every time.

In chrome, it seems to be OK.


When I was just about to post this last post above, I had a pop-up come up from this website asking to allow notifications to a new reply to this very post. I am not overly sure, but seems to me when running under https, security measures should not be allowing pop-ups that are self-generated. Kind of like opening back doors when they are suppose to be locked, so to speak.

Tablos is a curious piece of goods in many respects it seems!