[First Time Setup] TV Guide not adding channels or updating current ones

Hello! Just got my Tablo up and running tonight. I live in Fresno, CA and not all of the channels that it found and that I chose to add are actually showing up on the guide nor is the guide data for the actual channels that did get added. (I use an iPhone to control the Tablo) I gave it about 2 hours to update the channel listings. I attached a picture of what it looks like. Do i need to just wait longer for everything to load and add? It found 80 channels during the scan so I wouldn’t be surprised if it took longer than normal to download the entire guide.

Update! - I deleted and reinstalled the app to force a sync to happen and channels and listings are slowly being added. I think because of the large number of channels it is just taking extra time. I will update again in the morning so anyone who sees this thread in the future knows that this course of action works.

Sounds like you’re getting a ton of channels.

If you don’t get guide data for a few channels it might be because they are not associated with your zip code you used to set up the Tablo. Just open a Support Ticket directly with Tablo and they will have the channels added to your zip code.

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@jbrown209209 - even though your Tablo found 80 channels you may want to deselect those that you’ll seldom watch, just to keep the size of the database smaller which should help the guide load a little faster.

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Ok so it ended up being a combination of a couple things. First, I waited until morning and it seemed all of the channels that had guide data were downloaded. I did have to uninstall and reinstall the Tablo app on my iPhone 6 to force a sync to happen. I sent all of the channels to Tablo support that ended up not getting data like @theuser86 suggested. I also deleted all of the foreign language channels and shopping channels that I wouldn’t use like @mbellaire suggested. It’s running great now, just waiting on Tablo support to get back to me with adding channels to my zip code. Something to be aware of, once you remove a channel it takes some time for it to actually be removed from your listings.