First time setup of Tablo using Roku

I have connected my Tablo and hard drive and downloaded the iPhone app and added the Tablo channel to my Roku. I do not have an antenna and did not plan on getting one. I tried an antenna ($75 range model), but it did not get many channels and the antenna manufacturer confirmed that.

I have gone through all the setup but, on the iPhone app it searches for channels, finds none, so I can’t continue. On the Roku Tablo channel, I get a message to setup subscription. I have not set up a subscription to the guide yet because I am supposed to get the 30-day free trial and purchasing one appears to void that 30-day free trial.

Any ideas? Bottom line, I just want to be able to record shows on Sling, Hulu, Amazon Prime and CBS All Access.

Thank you!

The Tablo device assumes you can get OTA channels. If you can’t, the device isn’t going to do anything. Sorry.

Sorry, Tablo is not for recording streaming channels. It is for over the air, antenna recording only.

Do you know what the Tablo channel is for then on the Roku?

Its for watching the live TV or recorded streams. The Tablo connects to the antenna, then provides whatever channels your antenna can pick up through your network and to the Roku.

In my case, I watch everything through the Roku, I can EITHER watch Netflix, Amazon, Hulu OR Tablo. if I click the Tablo channel, I am watching Live local TV or what I have recorded.

You can’t do that with a Tablo. Tablo is for recording shows off an antenna. If you are not getting an antenna, return the Tablo. It is useless without it.

Thank you everyone for the comments. I am returning my Tablo.