First playback of recording fails

Hi All,

I have noticed that when I first launch the Tablo application and start to play back a recording, playback fails. All subsequent playback requests work perfectly. Below are the Symptoms and my Configuration. Any feedback would be great.


  • First recording playback after launching the application.
  • Playback starts. Shows back screen and progress bar.
  • Progress bar does not increment.
  • Application reverts back to episode section menu.
  • Playback started for a second time and works perfectly.
  • Seems to have started since upgrading to 2.12


  • Roku
  • Tablo running 2.12
  • Wired network
  • WD USB drive

Which Roku? Model number?


I’m using a Roku3 running 7.5.

Thank you.

@Kaizen Do the first playback attempts work on other apps, like
Feel free to pass along the details to our support team. We can take a closer look.


Yes. I have tried from an iPhone and from a browser. Neither seem to encounter the problem.

The Roku shows Retrieving which sits at about 10% and then reverts back to the episode selection screen. Once the same (or a different) episode is selected, playback is fast and flawless.

Thank you.

@Kaizen Very odd. Definitely send our support team a ticket (link above) ad we can check out the logs.

Will do. Thank you!

It is also happening to me every 2 , 3 days. On Roku 3 4200X, software version 7.5.0, build 4096-04. It has started 3 to 4 weeks ago.
But I am still on Tablo software version 2.2.10.
Both Tablo and Roku are wired to a switch.
I didn’t really care since it doesn’t happen a lot and it is always starting the second time.

@Koss67 This doesn’t sound exactly like the issue above - but send our team a copy of this, and we can take a look.

I mentioned this a few weeks ago. For me it seems to occur more often when I “resume” a paused show. It may only happen once or twice a day.

It seems to have appeared when Roku OS 7.5 4099-04 was installed. 4200 roku using 5g.