First Impressions... and a request

Okay, just got my 1st Tablo unit a couple of hours ago. I had some initial setup issues, but they were pretty quickly cleared-up. So far it is looking very good, but a couple of initial observations:

  1. Customer service is GREAT!! My hat is off to “Matthew” in customer service. He really knows his stuff, he is very polite and extremely helpful. He got me squared away very quickly. Kudos!!

  2. I don’t know if it is my router or not, but the Tablo seems to like the 2.4ghz band. Works very smooth on that band, even at the highest quality setting. 5ghz… is weak and buffering a lot. Not sure why, but oh well, 2.4 is working wonderfully.

  3. Recording conflicts. Need I say more? Already this seems like a real mess. I think I have it figured out, but it would really be nice to have a priority list type arrangement. I have used DVRs from DirecTV and Tivo, they both have a priority list, makes scheduling conflicts much easier to resolve. The Tablo team needs to seriously consider implementation of such a scheme.

If you’d click on the :mag: at the top… type in conflict resolution or recording conflict you see how much has already been said.

If you read through #feature-requests you’d notice how serious a lot of issues vary among users.