First ATSC 3.0 Broadcast

A little bit of history being made:

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Well it should be easy enough to block these things at the home router level if you have the skill… I for one will probably do that because privacy is one of the last great resources.

As I read it and they talked about “serving up” apps to your smart TV … my first thought was, “how can a hacker exploit that.” and “what security protocols are in place to prevent that” … I will be exceptionally surprised if they are even remotely up to the challenge… I suspect those things will get “p’owned” within a week of go-live.

Hopefully set-top makers / tv manufactures will give us the option to turn off the “apps” “feature” …

What I’m eager to find out was how easy was it to get the signal. Supposedly ATSC 3.0 is meant also to correct ATSC 1.0 transmission\reception difficulties. 3.0 is supposed to have better reception for all sorts of devices in all sorts of locations.

The major 3.0 difficulties will be a NEW TV and a NEW Tablo box. Other than that it wil be great. OH YA I just bought a new 65" Samsung for $1800.

Just when you bought

Darn it.

Oh but your antenna will work just fine.

Should work better according to ATSC 3.0 mission statements :grinning: