Firmware updates don't stick

Since whenever I update the firmware through the pop up you get when logging in from either a browser or iOS app it appears to go well: downloads, installs, restarts, and everything seems to be working fine,

Until the next time I try to use it and it tells me I have to install the update again. I ignored it hoping it was a problem with 2.1.30 but now it is doing the sa,e thing with 2.2.2.

Any suggestions on how I can get the firmware to be permanently updated?

Power cycle your Tablo using the little blue button on the back of the Tablo. Hold it for only one second.

Then install the update from the Chrome browser on a computer, or iPad app. I don’t like the iPhone app for updating.

@acrylamidetic - Despite the phased rollout we had a lot of folks trying to update this weekend which may have resulted in some timeouts on downloads of new firmware. We’ve added some server power over the weekend so everything should be A-OK now but we’ll be adding even more horsepower over the coming weeks.

Unfortunately pressing the reset button for one second did not work. I’ve tried it twice and then updated to 2.2.0 after both rests. Sure enough, after the update appeared to work fine, leaving the tablo interface and coming back a few minutes later it was asking me to update to 2.2.0 again.

This was today, so presumably any problems with the rolling out drivers has been solved.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

Edit: I’ve solved the problem. Despite pressing the reset button on the back, the tablo wasn’t restarting. Since I had my LED off this wasn’t obvious initially. By unplugging the tablo and plugging it back in I finally got it to restart and now it is staying on firmware 2.2.2

I guess now I should try to figure out why the reset button isn’t working but that’s not a major concern at the moment.

Thanks for your help theuser86 and tablo support!

@TabloTV The next time you do a phase rollout is there someway that if not now is press e d that they go to the end of the line?