Firmware Release (2.1.12) Caused Recording Images to change

Currently Scheduled recording looks like this: 

Recorded previous to today’s update look like this. see how it is missing the title like the scheduled? This is the same in iOS App, Web App. In Roku the Images do NOT show up at all. Rather just a blue box.

Yeah same here AppleTV an iPad

Same here, Roku only showing a blue box on some recordings.

@TabloTV - are the recording images lost, or will they return once the old recordings are cleared out?

Hi guys - 

Our team is looking at this issue now. There were some changes from our guide data provider and on our end around images. 

The next recording of the series should fix this issue but we want to keep a close eye on this and understand why it’s not behaving as anticipated in your cases.

If you guys can send a PM with your Tablo ID number (should be on the bottom of your box and start with LD-) we can take a closer look.

@TabloTV, when you say next recording, what do you mean? I deleted the old one and recorded an episode last night at 10pm PST and it still looks the same.

@jestep - Good info to have. Give us a couple of days to look at this closer. If you could send your ID number it’ll help us get to the bottom of it.

@TabloTV, ID Number???

Also, I should mention it is not ALL shows that do this.

@jestep - On the bottom of your Tablo unit there’s a number that starts with LD-. 

And yes, it makes sense that it’s just a subset of images. 

@TabloTV B011233

@TabloTV - PM sent with ID number

Got it - thanks. We’re checking things out now. 

In the meantime the dev team says because you may have set your second recording after the upgrade but before the next guide population (early in the morning) it may not have updated but that the next recording should be updated. 

@TabloTV, sorry should have mentioned I did a guide download before scheduling, because I thought the old data may have been the issue :wink:

@TabloTV- I’m having the same issues on my ROKU.  Lots of blue boxes for recorded images.  Will send over my ID number via PM.

Ok, so I did finally get around to deleting ALL Seinfeld episodes. Once I did that and recorded new ones the images went back to what I expected them to be. So it seems if there are issues with any shows you have to delete all recordings before the correct image shows up. But it is now working properly @TabloSupport 

So, looks like I spoke to soon, I did the same thing with King of Queens and the issue still remained for that show :frowning: @TabloSupport

@Jestep Yikes - thanks for taking the time to sift through your recordings and go through that process. I've had a chat with our engineers, and there's a much more 'permanent' fix for this issue coming in the future (the near future... :) 

@TabloSupport thanks

@TabloSupport ok, so interesting enough, I did the same thing again with King of Queens and this time the correct image showed up with the name of the show.On Roku, Browser, and iPad

@Jestep Weird! From what we’ve gathered, completely emptying the Tablo’s database for that one show, and then prompting a new recording should return the ‘correct’ image. It’s odd that you had to do this twice for King of Queens. Fortunately, this won’t last long.