Firmware Beta Sign Up?

How does it work? Do I get another Tablo to test it out or am I using my own? If using my own, if it gets bricked or become unstable, does Tablo warranty it? Does Tablo dictates which device(Roku/FireTV/AppleTV/WebApp/iOS/Android/Etc.) to run the Apps? Are there any series of Feedback questions to do after testing it? If so, this sounds like a full time job… lol… When Tablo Officially releases a new firmware Update, don’t we all call for support when it’s not working right or there’s a need of a bug fix? Is this any different from signing up as a Beta Tester? Don’t you think this is redundant? Aren’t we all Beta Tester?

No you do not get another Tablo.

I haven’t heard of a beta firmware bricking someone’s Tablo, but I suppose it is possible.

And you can use any playback devices you want.

Ok… I do agree there’s a slim chance of bricking it but being more on instability maybe…
So Tablo doesn’t dictate which playback device to use? I just hope it doesn’t get biased to some of the players that needs attention too…

That’s why they do beta testing. If you don’t want to just notify them and they will take you off the list!

@sodaman_2000 Thank you… I like the way you think…

During a beta test some time back all the sub channels had the .1 programming. They fixed it in a few days and was tested prior to release.

I’ve been on the beta firmware group for a while. Each beta usually has a few stability bugs. That’s why it is beta. A couple times bugs I’ve detected and reported have made it out to release before they were fixed. Most beta bugs get fixed in the next beta version. How many beta’s versions come out before it is released depends on the nature of the bugs that are reported. I think about 8 beta versions has been the max.

One time I did have a fairly regular reboot issue with a beta. Support decided to replace my Tablo in case it was the hardware causing it. It ended up actually being the firmware, but they wanted a malfunctioning unit to test in house anyway. So yes, if the beta messes up your Tablo they do take care of you.

They do want you to use as many playback devices as possible and to report anything odd in the beta section of this forum.

@beastman, @nicholb… Thanks for your contribution and so do the rest of us here on Tablo Community… Just my opinion, The way I see it is we’re all part of Firmware Beta Test one way or another… Why sign up? Do we all have a choice really when that firmware is released? Is Tablo Community not enough to cover the basis for Beta Test? But then again what difference does it make when Tablo does all the real thinking decisions… Why not let all of us help you Tablo make your firmware accessible? This will ease up your support too… don’t you think? Anyways, just a discussion guys… feel free to have your opinion too and I respect that… Thanks…

They don’t have that many subchannels as we do in the US. Also everyone has a different number of active channels and streaming quality. How would you have liked it if all your sub channels were the same as .1 channel? Many of us are or have been programmers. We get new features first, but yes we are taking a chance. Updates are tested in house prior to beta testers getting them, so it is like a last check for problems instead of it being released and everyone having the problem.