Firmware 2.2.26 and Chrome

Firmware 2.2.26:
I just found out that my tablo device got latest firmware 2.2.26. There seems to be a few issues with the device losing IP. Switched from DHCP to fix IP (through ASUS router); seems to "temporarily fix the problem.

However, I also discovered that the place to manually check/update a latest firmware (mentioned as under Settings->About) can no longer be found. Is this a new method of operation (modus operandi)? I am using Chrome from Win 10 PC.


If no “Update Tablo Device” button is present, then your Tablo is completely up to date.

As mentioned, it will let you know, you never actually initiated the check - it was ready and informed you

I waited until recently to update my Dual Lite (Aug '19). I have not interest in commercial skip and things were working just fine as is. Any ways, the difference from 2.2.24 > 2.2.26 has no impact with it loosing it’s DHCP lease, nor any noticeable issues. (so technical, but they aren’t issues)

If DHCP is true dynamic or a reserved lease, to the device it makes no difference, unless maybe you specify a longer than default time. So it’s doubtful that actually fixed anything.