FireTV video playback

Holy cow - took 3 hours to get things set up (after running ethernet cables over/ under/ through walls).

I like tinkering so I was excited to get it all working. I finally got it all working BUT video will not play on my fireTV.

Here is my setup - 2 story house with attic antenna. Tablo and hard drive are in the attic attached to the antenna and plugged in. ether net cable runs down to first floor router. From router, two ethernet cables run to a FireTV in the living room and another fireTV in a bedroom.

The app opens fine on laptop and on fire tv. Channels were found with strong signal. Guide displays beautifully. Video plays back when running it on laptop on wired connection at the router.

When I click on a channel to watch it via fireTV…nothing happens. Just a blue screen. Any help? I’ve taken half a day so now I need to give it a rest. Unfortunately with my new set up, all my tv’s are no longer connected to the antenna.

Ok…I figured out phase 1 - I was hitting the “center” button instead of the play button.

so live TV works when I hit the play/pause button.

But the center button does not bring up the show information or anything…?

@Tim_Wheeler - If you look at the help section in the app it will give you all of the control hints for the remote:

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thank you! I found that and have been enjoying it now. I will say, it had been a couple of hours but the show information did not display when pressing the center button. So it seemed strange…press the center button…nothing happens but the screen goes blue.

Once all the data was up to date it has been working perfectly! Love it!

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