FireTV Stick just announced and special two day sale

I know Tablo doesn’t support the FireTV yet (except through Plex), but this looks like a pretty cool product.  It sounds a lot like the Roku Stick, but more powerful.  It does come with a remote as well (though not the voice activated one like the original FireTv).  

The best part is that if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can preorder it for just $19 through 6 AM 10/29.  That is $20 off the regular price.   I went ahead and bought one at that price just to try it out.   

Release date is Nov 19.

Can’t beat $20! 

Will be interesting to see if it works better/worse than the Roku stick. 

Clicked on Amazon and saw that this morning…  Yay new device.  Have nowhere to put it, but whatever, $20 I can’t pass it up.

@jbanks25 - Still got a bad case of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), eh?  :smiley:

Looks pretty powerful for a stick

As near as I can tell it’s basically a full blown Fire TV in a Chromecast Form factor…  Is that what everyone else is getitng looking at this?

Here are the differences between the two formats as far as I can tell.

Box - quad core processor, 2 GB Ram, 8 GB storage, ethernet and dual band wi-fi, remote has voice search, plays games with separate game controller

Stick - dual core processor, 1 GB Ram, 8 GB storage, dual band wi-fi only, no voice search (need optional controller), plays games with separate game controller. 

The box is still more powerful, but the stick isn’t compromising much.

For $19, I’m getting two…

I said I don’t need another streaming device.  I have two TVs, both with AppleTVs and ROKU 3s attached.  Maybe these can replace the ROKUs, if not… I’ll gift them for Christmas.

I know a lot of people watching Netflix on a laptop attached to a TV.  … that’s just sad

Thanks for posting this info.  Google is also rumored to be releasing Chromecast 2.

Just placed my order.  FYI if you waited this late in the day like I did, you are mid way into december before you are projected to get one.  (Early Nov is release date)

I ordered a couple as well.   At 20 dollars too good to pass up, I may get a couple more for gifts.

@jbanks25 yea, I’m Dec 11th, but that’s ok. Not really in a hurry anyway, just want to be able to play with them :wink:

Only downside I see thus far is that it appears to require a connection to power outlet rather than use TV USB as power.  

@7up, my chormecast is that way too… Maybe because I don’t have a super new HD tv :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazon now only allows one per customer.   I imagine they are selling well, though sales will certainly slow down after this promotion ends.

I just noticed this when I went back to order more as well.   Glad I picked up 2.

I only got one cause I waited and delivery date is now Dec. 18th - they must be selling like hot cakes.

at 20 dollars, it does seem they are trying to flood the market

Just bought one @20$, thanks! (delivery in Jan)

Now hoping for a Tablo app…

I broke down and got one. I couldn’t pass up the $20 price. Don’t know how I’m going to use. I only have one HDTV in the house. :slight_smile: