FireTV Question

I had a FireTV quite awhile ago, and never really liked the ui that much. It was sort of a mess in my opinion. In any case, I am wondering if someone with a FireTV new one 4k edition can chime in.

I am wondering:

  1. How is Tablo Web App? Is it as good as on the Android TV?
  2. How is Sling works well on Android TV, but with the new Roku 4 it is hit or miss, at least for us so far
  3. Plex: Has the plex ui been overhauled to mirror that of the Roku interface or the Android TV Interface, or is it still the tired old, clearly a table/phone version, of plex?
  4. Do you have any issues with programs not responding and running, which ultimately causes a FORCE stop of the program, initiated manually by the user?




I have Fire TV Stick not new one, and don’t really care for the FireTv stick UI. I like the Asus Nexus Player for the best Tablo experience

I have the FTV 2nd gen and love it. The Tablo app works pretty much the same as the regular android app, and it works flawless so far, especially after the fix in the latest beta. If you want to totally avoid the Roku issues, I highly recommend getting the FTV or the Nvidia Shield, which is probably the best performing android TV device as of today.

One issue I did have with the FTV 2nd gen was that it fails to negotiate 4k resolution with my Sony 4K TV. Using the same HDMI port and cable, the Nvidia Shield recognizes 4K immediately with the Sony. It may be that the FTV is more picky on its graphic chip.

If you have a bit more on your budget, I would definitely recommend getting the NS instead for better performance and better future proof; but you really can’t go wrong with either products, especially during BF sales now :wink:

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Just jumping in:

The Tablo app on the new Fire TV stick (with voice search) had an issue rendering the UI.

We’ve had a fix available in beta (as @kamy2015) mentioned, which we have released to the public store. You’ll see an update coming shortly. Enjoy!

Just an FYI, but the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Box UI’s are the same for both the overall UI itself and the Tablo interface (which is very similar if not identical to the Android TV Tablo interface).

The Nexus Player has better hardware and wireless AC . I don’t have a regular Fire Tv. Got the stick on Best Buy deal of the day for Tablo Connect and that does work. Just it seems more steps to upgrade than the Roku or Nexus Player.