Firetv guide bug

I’ve figured out how the guide glitch in the ftv app is messed up.
If the first channel on your guide has no data then you can’t use the ftv remote at all to scroll down other channels.
2nd, if the channel that is directly after the last channel that is displayed on the screen in the guide has no data then you can’t scroll down to the next page of channels. My tablo finds over 30 channels but I was only able to get to the first few that were on the first screen. I discovered if I took off the first channel with no data and the channel that would be immediately after the first screen of channels I can scroll down. I also had to change my zip code to a city 50 miles south of me to get more of the guide to populate, but the guide is way off on many channels. One is showing nbc programming in the guide but it is actually a cbs affiliate. If I put in my zip most of the guide data is blank. I can put in zip of jackson tn, which is closest metro area and channels are filled in but many are wrong… I’m hoping my guide can be fixed and this bug fixed

Hi @jim1513 - Sorry to hear you’re missing guide data. Have you placed a ticket with Tablo Support on this issue?

If not, please do so. Please let them know what your zip code is, what your MAC address is (on the bottom of your Tablo) as well as the call letters and station #s of the channels you’re missing.

We’ll work on getting that fixed up for you.

Interesting discovery. I was having #1 problem with my FireTV, but I didn’t make the connection. It went away when the guide was fully populated, but I just assumed that it was a glitch that had sorted itself out. It was strange as nobody seemed to be having the same problem as me

@jim1513 @jurassicjockey

We’ve identified these issues and are working on solutions for them now. They’ll be included in our next update to the Fire TV channel!


I’m seeing the same issue too on my FireTV (stick) - no data on guide on first channel, can’t use remote to scroll down to other channel at all. Can’t even see Recordings at all. Tried to un-install and install app again including side loading it. Same issue.

Tablo: 2.1.30
FireTV app: April 6, 2015 v1.0.18

Apparently, no problem using my Android phone Tablo App or Roku3 Tablo App.
Both Roku3 and Android phone version working good.

How come the FireTV version of the app is so bad?

No fix after 2.5 months? The first 5 channels in my guide have no data. I have to exclude 5 channels!?!

  1. Try using a different close by zip code, you may get guide data that way.
  2. Open a Support Ticket with Tablo so they will fix it that you get guide data for those channels based on your correct zip code.

I appreciate the help. I have opened a ticket with Tablo about a week ago. I understand reaching out to support for issues, but this, in my opinion, is a pretty serious bug that should have been resolved long ago and shouldn’t require a workaround. You have to forgive me… I’m new to Tablo coming from TiVo Roamio OTA.

The new FireTv code should be released any day now, so I am curious if that will help any.

That particular issue is addressed in the new build. Sorry you’re running into this @Greg_Fountain.