FIRESTICK 14 Guide not working


How do you activate 14 day Guide on a Firestick My ROKU box works but nothing on firestick !

Just found out it only Works on ROKU not ready on Firestick yet That’s info I got from TABLO support…

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You didn’t saying about which fire tv stick(gen1, gen2, 4K), which app(classic or preview), or what version of the app?

My gen 2 is rather relunctant to get app up dates. I have to reboot it first.


All devices/clients support a 14 day guide via the Prime Time/TV shows/Movies/etc tabs. If you select a show in those tabs, you will see all episodes that will be coming up in the next 14 days.

The Live TV page only shows 24 hours on all devices/clients except the Roku, which does have a 14 day option now (which is very new). If it works well, it likely will be added to more devices/clients.

I just wanted to make it clear that subscribers still get 14 days worth of programming data no matter what they use.

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