Fire TV

Blows away my Roku 3.  Tablo needs to add ASAP to capture the fastest growing streamer in the market !!!

@metoo Curious in what way it blows away a Roku 3.  I’m going to be replacing a google TV soon, and I have experience with Apple TV and several generations of Roku, but I’m also considering the Fire but have no experience with it.

Integration w/ #1 streaming box & resale via Amazon would be a huge boost to Tablo

The Amazon Fire certainly does not “blow away” the Roku 3.    The Roku still has more apps and a much better search.  

I just bought a second Roku 3 for my bedroom instead of a Fire mainly because the Fire does not support Tablo.  

I went ahead and got a Fire and have to say it is nice for sure, but it is on par with Roku for most usage.  Once it either has a Tablo app, or the Plex channel integration rolls out it will be exactly what I am looking for.