Fire TV stick? s it that slow?

Anyone else using the fire TV stick with the Tablo app? Man, it is unbearably slow going from guide and channels. Is this pretty much par for the course with the stick players?

I have a Fire TV stick (1st gen) and it is pretty slow across both the system UI and the Tablo app UI - although the latest Tablo app has improved the performance of that app compared to previous (so make sure you have the latest update 1.0.25-616/3000278). The Fire TV box is MUCH quicker.
So, yea, the “sticks” are pretty lacking in oomph to deliver a great experience IMHO.

We’ve actually forked the Android code for Fire TV sticks in the latest release so it should be a bit speedier.

That being said, we generally suggest box vs. stick. You can read more about that here:

I just set up my new Tablo the day before yesterday. I’m trying to get it working smoothly so my wife can enjoy it. I have a Fire TV Stick that I bought about 2 months ago, and its UI in the Tablo app is very slow. Scrolling through the live TV channels, it will scroll 3 channels and then stop for a second or 2 and then scroll through three more. Just starting up out of sleep, it takes forever to get to where I can start scrolling to the channel that I want. Other parts of the UI seem awfully slow also. Once it starts streaming the live TV, it seems fine. Before I burn more money on the Fire TV box to replace the stick, does anyone suggest a better streaming device besides Fire TV? ChrisFix wrote above that the Fire TV box is MUCH quicker than the stick – does that mean that the box is worth buying, or would a different device give me a smooth and fast UI more like scrolling through channels directly on the TV’s tuner?