Fire TV Preview question

I prefer to use the fire tv preview app, but it has some quirks I don’t like. For example, if you try to watch a show that is currently recording, it starts at the live position rather than the beginning. Exiting a show or an app isn’t consistent with the original app (one exits out, the other gives you a dialogue box).

Is this somehow by design? I understand the preview app is a work in progress, but it seems some of these things just don’t make sense.

Changes for the better are much appreciated, but these sorts of little quirky differences are kinda annoying.

After 1.7.2 the preview app is really a work in progress.

Yeah, I get that. But I can’t imagine what the programmers were doing when they changed certain behaviors that (probably) have no effect on the performance of the app. Behaviors, that I imagine, had to be encoded to perform a certain way.