Fire TV playback error after show stops recording

I have the latest generation 4k firestick connected to the dual tuner tablo with an external hard drive. Whenever I start watching a show that is currently recording, I get the playback error message at exactly the time that the show stops recording. To be more clear, I have a 30 minute show that starts recording, I start watching it from the beginning after the show has been recording for 15 minutes. When the recording stops, 15 minutes into when I start watching, I get the playback error. The retry playing option never works and I have to cancel the error and restart the show after going back to the menu. This is repeatable for every show that I start watching delayed. Is this a bug that is currently being worked on?

I also have this issue. We consistently start watching a recording 10-15 minutes after the show has started so that we can skip the commercials. As soon as the recording ends and we are still watching the last few minutes, we get the playback error. Usually we can cancel and restart the recording where it left off, but it is still annoying. It happens every single time. Did you ever hear back on a fix?

Are you watching this in progress recording from the Recordings screen?
If you are, and you’re still seeing this issue 100% of the time on the most recent update to the Tablo app for Fire TV, let us know and we can take a look to see if we can help.

This is happening to us as well, did not happen with prior firmware and/or Fire updated app.

Very annoying. Previously was completely smooth viewing experience, now has caused us on multiple occasions to simply abandon watching.