Fire tv currently unavailable from Amazon

I was just browsing amazon and noticed that their fire tv box is currently unavailable and no indication of return. I also did a search of my local best buy stores and very few have them in stock anymore. I wonder what this means. Possibly an updated box? Or maybe they just sold out. I found this article as well…

Looks like they are just out of stock. Guess they’re selling well.

“In stock on August 23, 2015.”

The FireTv Stick is still in stock for people that want it.

I still use my Roku 3 (old) rather than the FireTv box most of the time. It’s all about the apps, and it hurts that the FireTv is so anime-unfriendly.

They are the Deal of the Day at so you can order TODAY and get the reduced price. Click on deals when you get to the site.

The rumor mill has been saying for about a week that a new FireTV and possibly FireTV stick is being announced very soon.

What I see are the Fire Tablets, not the streaming boxes. FireTv is still $99 at Best Buy.

You are correct. Fire Tv tablets. I never knew they made them

I ordered a fire TV on the 10th. The initial email said to not expect it until the 28th. However, I got an email this morning saying it would be here tomorrow!

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I’ve already purchased the Fire TV stick months ago. :slight_smile:

Looks like the new fire tv will begin shipping October 5th and will support 4k.

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