Fire Stick freezing w/message "your tuner has been re-assigned. Help Please

Fire Stick freezing w/message "your tuner has been re-assigned or you lost connectivity. Help Please. I have a newer duel band WiFi router. Is this a problem with with the router switching back and forth between the 2 bands? If so what can I do to fix this problem. The freeze does not happen when using Fire Stick apps different from Tablo or on my laptop when using the Tablo app.

You’ll probably get better help tomorrow from @TabloTV or @TabloSupport, but my guess is that you are using hte tuners for some other purpose - maybe you’re trying to watch something while also recording two programs? I’ve also heard of instances where a tuner becomes unavailable due to the recording quality of a different show - the exact details escape me now. Again, maybe the Tablo guys will be by tomorrow. In the meantime, some details might hep them, such as what you were hoping to do, if you know what things were scheduled to execute on your Tablo and the quality settings, among others.

Thanks for your input. The strange is I wasn’t doing any recording just trying to watch OTA TV. I sent a ticket to support. Again thanks.