Fire HD 7

I just bought a brand spanking new Fire HD 7 which has Fire OS 4 (Kit Kat) on it.

When I try to watch live tv or recordings with the tablo app all it says is “buffering” and I can’t watch anything.

It works fine on my laptop and desktop PC’s, so it’s not the network.

Please help!


Which exact version of the Android OS?

Have you tried both the Tablo Android tablet app, and the Tablo Android web app?

I’m pretty sure it uses 4.4.4 of Android, well above the 4.1 minimum requirement.

I have not tried the web version, but I will try that tonight.

@acronym3 Let us know about the web app! If you have similar issues, try reducing the cording quality to see if you can get it to play at all.

I have the Fire HD 6 and have the same issue with the native app.

But, the web interface does work on it.

The web app does seem to work.  I can use that for now, but the Kindle App is supposed to work on the HD 7.