Finding shows to record

Hello, I’m trying to set up my new tablo to record shows. I can’t find them under tv shows or search. I also don’t have prime time as an option. These are shows I watch weekly. Help please!

What device are you using to view your Tablo? Roku doesn’t have Prime Time, but does have Guide, which you can schedule recordings from.

If you use a web browser, and go to you’ll have Prime Time (as well as other options) that are fully searchable, and you can schedule from there.

And if you just set up your device, the Guide data may not have loaded yet?

apple tv doesn’t allow search or have prime time yet so I feel your pain. You can either bring the tablo up on your phone for advanced scheduling or find it in the guide.

I like using the iPhone app for picking shows to record. I’ll usually take a look at the Premiering TV Shows and then scroll through Movies.