@TabloTV and @TabloSupport I thought that I would let you know that EPG data FINALLY showed up for IONTV, channel 36-3 in Austin, TX! I don’t know if it was my posting on Zap2IT Facebook page or calling ION TELEVISION several times, or calling Tablo Support, but between everything IT IS FINALLY HERE! Thank you! Now I can schedule instead of having to do manual recordings! I got a late Thanksgiving (or is it early Christmas) present.

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When I connected my tablet and didn’t see EPG for 36-3 I thought it had been lost. I saw it was still syncing so I waited for it to finish prior to posting anything. The EPG showed up on the tablet.

I also upgraded Android version of Tablo client while away from home and happy to report it did not break! I can still watch and schedule. I had my phone also in case it broke.