Finally back to being a Tablo user again

My wife and I were having a new house built in another part of Nashville, but due to delays, we had to move out of our old home and move in with my parents for about 6 weeks. They still have cable, so I didn’t hook up my Tablo all that time.

When we finally moved (around a month ago), there was no internet in our new neighborhood, so I had use my phone for everything. I saved my hotspot data for my work PC, so no Tablo yet. Finally I was able to get at least the T-Mobile Home Internet recently (which actually is pretty good in my area) and had all the ethernet cables in my home finished off.

So now I have my Tablo reconnected. Here are some issues I went through:

  1. Remote access doesn’t work (known issue with T-Mobile home internet)
  2. Couldn’t get my PC to connect to the Tablo, part 1: My PC was connected to my T-Mobile device, while the Tablo and every other device was connected to my router. They all need to be on the same device.
  3. Couldn’t get my PC to connect to the Tablo, part 2: After connecting my PC to my router directly, it still wouldn’t connect. But I rebooted the router, the satellite router, and the Tablo, and everything works now.
  4. The one station I record the most (PBS) had just one red dot while everything else was 5 dots (weird), even after several scans. I swapped out my interior antenna with another one I had, and it went to 5 dots (whew),

At some point my neighborhood will get AT&T or Xfinity, and I will switch. But I am glad to have decent internet and my Tablo back. :slight_smile: I may even start recording some shows on Cozi or Antenna TV, since I was watching more of 80’s tv when I had no internet for my TV sets.