Filter Recording by Genre

A new Feature request… To be able to filter recordings by genre…

And I guess a second bullet to that, to add the ability to filter the guide by genre through all apps…

Today you can filter upcoming shows by Genre if using the web app but I don’t think it has made it to any others yet. But as I was looking through the Holiday list today, I realized that once I get all of these recorded, its not going to be very intuitive to find / watch them when the holidays get here.

It would be so awesome during the Christmas break to sit down with the fam and bring up all of the holiday recordings all in one place, instead of having to remember which each were called (Oh its Shrek the halls, NOT Deck the halls with Shrek)…

And then it dawned on me,this isn’t just a holiday time of year thing, when I go to Netflix, I almost always search by genre, sometimes I am in a SciFi mood, sometimes for a Crime Drama.

And of course the wife has a lot of different likes than I do so when sorting through Tablo recordings, having the ability for her to jump straight to her talk shows or comedies would be a great improvement.

So please add it to the feature request / want list…

Add the genre filter option to the recorded list AND expand the genre filter for upcoming shows to all apps.



Excellent suggestion and not one we’ve heard before!

(It’s rare these two Venn diagrams meet.)

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Hey I get a good idea from time to time… Too bad I used up the occasion here rather than at my paying job…

TabloTV, any update on when “genres” will be incorporated into the iOS app for TV Shows like it is on Roku?

Also, is “genre” on the roadmap for Recordings?

Although they may toss out a “it’s on our road map” from time to time…

Seems to be dynamic and while something may be there one day… gone the next - we may never know the intricate details until announcement day.

There is always active development… new products are always emerging, upgrades on the way - not always what everybody wants, but what tablo needs. :wink:

We’re working on this right now. I don’t have a specific ETA to share yet though.

As for genres on recordings, you must have A LOT of recordings to be wishing for sorting tools on that screen!

Quite a few yes, BUT it was an issue even when we only had a dozen. For starters, the name of the show doesnt always tell you if its a drama or a comedy, its frustrating when I see a new recorded show and have to try to navigate / dig to even see if I am interested.

The wife and I watch COMPLETELY different things so she will set up a recording, being able to filter by genre would make it a lot easier to ensure we don’t miss anything or waste time on shows that are not my cup of tea.

We also have a lot of news shows, they are set to keep only the last 3 but since every news show gets its own block base don "News at 4, news at 5, weekend news, weekend news at 5, etc).Being able to filter out news when we are looking for a drama would be great.

It sounds like you need a second Tablo. By having a his and a hers Tablo, you could cut down the amount of shows that are irrelevant to each of you.

It appears that you have owned a Tablo long enough to be grandfathered into being able to add an additional Tablo without having to pay for an additional guild subscription. However, if you use Commercial Skip you would have to pay an additional fee for it.

I appreciate the suggestion but that would be even less ideal.

For starters, that doesn’t resolve the “news” recording issue as that’s something we both watch from time to time.

But primarily it seems silly to spend the money on a second device when a software solution is ideal. I assume others out there have similar issues / concerns.

Finally, we have a very difficult time getting reception, splitting the signal out and sending it to a second Tablo would just make it that much more difficult to get right. (Already have amplifiers so adding another or a larger one to make up the difference would not work).

But again, appreciate the idea and for others reading this that might work. For now, I’ll live with it as is and continue to add it to the quarterly feedback surveys as my top request until such time the Tablo Gods bless me with it. :slight_smile:

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