File system format

I am anxiously awaiting delivery of the new 4 channel Tablo.  Previously I tried (and returned) the first version of and I want to use the Seagate Expansion Portable Drive that I used with    I think the file storage system used by is called JFS.   Does anybody know if my new Tablo will reformat the drive as necessary?   I ask this because I can’t reformat it by plugging it into my Windows 8 computer - appears that a third party program will be necessary.   I want the drive to be ready when the new Tablo arrives.

Tablo will format the drive as soon as you plug it in.

I ordered Western Digital Elements 2TB unit. I believe Tablo recommends it. It has a plug-in power supply low voltage transformer to 120 VAC

@jabby Check the dates of these threads you’re posting to. They’re all almost a year old and resolved…