FF/RW preview thumbnails gone

I found within the last three days that the thumbnail images that display during fast-forward and rewind are gone, making it difficult to see how long to skip ahead. I’ve tested it primarily with the Roku app - both the old app and the preview app.

I rebooted the Tablo and the Roku to no avail.

I’m going to keep watching it, test a few more recordings, but has something changed recently?

It wont make thumbnails if a show is still being recorded and it will only make thumbnails if a tuner is free.

Nothing has changed. I still get previews with everything, and what @ericgus said is true.

The shows in question had finished recording days earlier. I have the four-tuner model with only one show generally being recorded at a time. However, that information from @ericgus is good to know - I didn’t realize those limitations.

I will do some more testing. I haven’t recorded anything since rebooting the Tablo and Roku so maybe it was just limited to a couple of recordings and will be correct going forward.

You can always submit a support ticket if it’s happening frequently. I think I have a few recordings where there are no thumbnails. Most do.

@tillg Try a new recording to see if it has the same results! Thumbnail generation can fail if there’s some reception issue (e.g some corruption in the video stream). Feel free to give us a shout!

Sure enough, it was a short term thing and my thumbnails are back. Thanks for the hints and tips, everyone!

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