FF RR timing markers

The US presidential ads will be going full force soon and then will be watching live shows on a time delay, while the show is being recorded. It would be helpful to be able to skip 30 or 60 seconds as it is not easy to guess the FF using the roku interface.

You only get ff timer marks if one of the tuners is free to make them while the other tuner records the event. You have much better luck with this if you have a 4 tuner Tablo.

That’t not true. The event has to be over before thumbnails are even created.

This is just how the Tablo works. I don’t expect it to ever change.

I know that there are no preview panels, just would be nice to know how to ff 30 or 60 seconds, the average ad length.

When there are no previews, each click on the Roku is 10 seconds. So click the right arrow 6 times for a one minute skip.

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I like holding down the right arrow until i see the thumbnails showing the end of all commercials.