Feedback on Tablo with Android TV?

So what’s the general consensus on Android TV with Tablo? Right now I’m using Plex Home Theater/server on my MacBook. I just signed up for Sling TV to get TNT (wife), HBO and ESPN. There isn’t a Sling channel for Plex, so I’m stuck shutting down PHT, switching to Sling, blah blah. The wife is slowly wanting to go back to Comcastic. She forgets how much our cable bill was.

I’m an Apple guy, so putting an android device at the forefront of my home entertainment is a huge struggle. If I had an idea what Apple was planning for the next gen ATV, I might hold out. I’ve settled on either the Fire TV (not stick) or the new Nvidia Shield just to get the 4K content when I get a 4K TV.

Unrelated - I’m still super happy with Tablo. I’ve been pretty quiet lately because I don’t have any complaints or questions. It’s really been a great addition with the subtraction of cable.

Do you have any Android TV devices at the moment?

I like the Fire TV, the Fire TV Stick is too slow.

Have you also thought about the Nexus Player? Many happy users here with it.

I don’t. All Apple products right now - MacBooks, Apple TV, AirPort Extreme…

I’ve read the same about the Fire Stick, so that isn’t an option. I was pushing to just get a 2015 Sony TV, but $100-200 is A LOT easier to justify than $2500. :slight_smile:

I agree with the Fire TV stick being slow

Yea. Fire stick or any other “stick” isn’t really a consideration.

@DaveG I’d second the Nexus Player. It does exactly what I want it to do. The Tablo app is pretty fantastic on it, too. It has Sling TV as a native app as well. I believe that HBO Go and Now should be coming at some point. Overall the native app list is somewhat lacking, but it improves by the month. What I can’t play natively, I can chromecast from my Android smartphone, tablet, iPad, or iPhone. $70 on Amazon right now.

Are the Amazon apps working on Nexus again - without using xbmc/kodi? Right now, that’s the main reason I’m leaning toward the Fire TV. As a Prime subscriber, I feel like I should be taking advantage of their free content. Of course I could always mirror with one of the “AirPlay”'apps. Not ideal, but doable.

@DaveG There isn’t one on the Nexus Player. Someone copied the apk from a Sony TV, but they blocked it. That is an app that probably won’t come to the Nexus Player or Shield TV.

Gotcha. Again, not a deal breaker just a nice to have it all in one.

If you have Prime, go with the Fire TV box.