Feature Request - Alarm / Auto-Start Morning News

Okay imagine this, how awesome would it be if Tablo could be my alarm and auto-start the news and weather at 6 in the morning when I need to wake up and get ready.

While this feature would obviously be used primarily as an alarm clock, it could also just be a handy way to immediately start a show you were going to watch anyway.

An additional feature would be the ability to record a program at say 5:00 am and have it play at 7:30 am, if that’s when I wanted to wake up instead.

The problem with that idea is that the Tablo is just a media server.  If just records and tunes to shows.  To have your idea work, you need to figure out a way to get you tablet, phone, or PC to turn on at a particular time, start the Tablo app, and then select the station you want to play.  

It might be doable on a PC with the right batch software, but the Tablo folks would have nothing to do with its development.

@pngwolffman - It would be kind of cool but @snowcat is right… This is a lot of integration and is the type of thing that hardcore home theater buffs use home automation software for from guys like Control4, Crestron and RTI.

You can buy TVs that do that now. Set the station, the turn-on time, volume and it wakes you up to the 5am news on your favorite station. 

If I recall my DVD recorder would do that.

 A PC with Windows connected to a TV as the monitor can do that now, too. Scheduled task, launch WMP with this file loaded, start at whatever time, repeat whatever days and so on. 

You could say the same thing about Pandora, and yet it has an alarm function. It starts itself up and starts playing music when I want it to. I believe that it’s much more doable than you think.

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I think the issue isn’t so much about having all of the items happen in order - it’s just a matter of having the Tablo app already tuned and rolling with the AM news. That way you launch the app and the tune is tuned and rolling output. I’m using a FireTV and go to sleep with the Tonight Show - the programming hangs at some point in time during the night and when I come back in I have to exit out of the programming output, to the menu system, let it refresh and then re-enter into the morning programming. Having these steps done already shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish and shouldn’t have any bearing on the media system supporting the Tablo output.