Favorites List for Roku

I am new to the Tablo. I recently set mine up, channels etc. Here in Tucson AZ. we get 73 channels which I selected the ones I want in my guide, some 52 channels. I use my Roku but mostly watch maybe 10 channels, but like to have them all available. Prior I used a Amazon Fire Recast and loved the feature of a Favorites list and could move them in the order of priority I watch… With Tablo and my Roku a Favorites is not available and I really could use that feature instead of stumbling through the 52 to go from 4.1 to 58.3 in my list to find my programs. Is it possible to add a favorites feature to the Tablo App for Roku?

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This has been a SUPER popular request and we hope to be able to make it happen.

Here’s something that might be helpful…
Anytime there is a long list of items (channels, episodes, etc) using the Roku remote, use the ‘<<’ and ‘>>’ buttons will skip through those lists.

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Thanks, but that is for scrolling the time and not the channels. Let me explain further. For example I have configured,
ETC. all thae way to 58.5 some 52 channels.

I have 52 of my 73 channels configured. I watch the networks 4.1 - 13.1, some 18.1, 34.3, 58.1 etc… I want to leave them configured in the guide because at times if nothing is on my favorites, something may be non-favorites I might want to watch sometimes. With a Favorites list, such as my Recast has, I can set my 10 -12 favorites I have on my list without scrolling through looking for the channels I want. If I set the guide only to the 10 -12 favorites I never can see what is on all my local stations unless I reconfigure the list then go back and view. Then I would have to remember what I had set and reset my list again after I looked through the list of 52.

I hope this explained it better ?

I would love to have ability to identify a handful of channels as favorites. With a :heart: icon or similar. With my guide being inaccurate and trying to remember what’s HD and what’s SD, I can identify the major broadcast channels and that will make setting recording much easier.

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You are right about scrolling the time (left & right). But to clarify, if you put the cursor on the channel list (on the far left), scrolling will be up & down thru the channel list.

I too would like to have a “favorites list”. It would save all that time scrolling through all the selected channels.

Okay, thanks, that helps a little, but as PSBill said, would love to have a Favorites list. I hope they add that feature soon.

BTW, is there a diagram or document that tells us what the buttons do ?