Fastest Tablo streaming device?

Looking for people who have tried Tablo on multiple devices to comment here. Looking to add a streaming device to a new TV and I want to get the fastest one. I currently have Roku 2 and it works but would like something faster.

@Clintgilliam - Planning to update our streaming set-top-box recommendations soon, but you’ll want to look for something with a quad-core processor. Higher-end Roku units (like the Premiere/Ultra), Apple TV, the new Mi Box and the Nvidia Shield are all super speedy.

Android-based devices will get you the most screens/filters but Roku has the widest app support. Apple TV is great if you’re invested in iTunes.

Everyone has their favorites though so I’m sure they’ll chime in with their 2 cents :slight_smile:


I like the new Mi Box at Walmart, which has Android TV. Nvidea Shield also has AndroidTV but cost a lot more because it plays games. I like the Mi better than Roku
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I have a Roku 3, all Generation Amazon Fire Sticks and also the quad core Amazon Fire TV. By far the Amazon fire TV works the best of all of them, I just got the newest firestick but haven’t been able to test the Tablo app on it yet. I was a big fan of the roku but after using the Firesticks the tablo app seems to work a lot better on them. Especially for fast forwarding. Click the right side of the circle ring and it jumps 10 seconds put push or hold it down and it will do it for you

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Awesome info, thanks. when you test the app on the new fire stick will you let me know what you think? That is the one i am leaning towards right now.


I’ve had excellent results with Nexus Player. No longer in production but available on EBay. Previously had
Chromecast - disaster.

I like the Mi bix better than Nexus Player. Be aware both Mi box and NP are WiFi only, supporting 802.11AC. Usb is only 2 so i don’t thing usb 2 gigabit ethernet adapters exist. Usb 3 ones do. Testing shows wireless AC is faster than non gigabit wired.

I have a wired Roku3, and wireless NP and Mi Box. They all work fine but the Mi is the fastest, followed closely by the NP and the Roku is slowest but still OK.


The Mi box can be used with an Ethernet adapter in the full size USB port. The apple adapter is known to work, even when used with a hub.

Yes Wireless AC with a good strong signal is faster than USB 2.0 100 Mbps Ethernet adapter, but hard wired is always more reliable than WiFi.

Either is more than fast enough to stream from the Tablo.

My TP Link Archer C7 provides an excellent AC signal.

@Clintgilliam what router do you have? The router makes a big dfference. If buying a new router, i suggest one that includes wireless AC. The TP Link Archer C7 (or the C9) are both good but there are others as well. Upgrading your router might make your Roku 2 better.

Does the new Mi box allow remote access?

I haven"t tried but believe all devices EXCEPT Roku allow for Tablo Connect (remote access) but must be paired first. @TabloTV is that correct?

ShieldTV is is best I’ve used. Previous boxes were Roku 3, and Nexus Player.

Yes it allows remote access. All Android TV devices do.

I have an ASUS RT-N66U. Not AC but seems to do an alright job. My ROKU is connected wirelessly

Out of the Roku 3, PC, Galaxy S6 Active, Nexus 6P, NVIDIA Shield, Nexus Player, and Chromecast, the Shield TV is the fastest Tablo streamer by a good margin in my testing.

My Nexus Player is faster than my Roku 3, BUT… I like access to Amazon so consider the Roku a better overall device for me.

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Also PS Vue not available for AndroidTV and sideliaded don’t work. No ps vue guide on Roku. Looks like if PS Vue is important, then FireTV.