Fast forwarding causes hanging 30 seconds later

So an issue I’m having is that on recorded programs, when I fast forward through commercials, I can fast forward fine, then hitting play resumes the show.

However, about 30/40 seconds later the show hangs with a spinning circle, and the only way to stop it is to hit “menu” and go back to the recorded shows list. Hitting play again seems to restart the show at the begging, which is very frustrating.

It’s not 100% of the time, but very frequent.

Environment is a 4 tuner tablo, with an appletv.

That’s pretty odd. Is this reproducible every time on a specific recording(s)? Does this happen if you try the same thing on a computer at

It’s reproducible to the extent that once it starts happening on a recording, it keeps doing so which makes it very painful to get through a show. But I’ve had many recordings play just fine. I haven’t tried through the web app yet; I’ll have to check.