Fast Forward

I just hooked up my Tablo through a Roku 3. It like it so far but is there a better way to fast forward/ go back? Right now I do the arrow to go forward and the bar moves forward but the picture stays the same so I have to guess if I am at the right spot. Is there a way/setting so I see the images scroll by?

The Tablo does not show previews when you skip ahead, but there is a nice timebar.  Each skip or rewind using the arrows is 10 seconds in length.  Just skip ahead about 2 minutes while looking at the timebar, and you should be where you want to be.

The new Roku app may have extended or programmable skips, but previews are still likely a long ways away (most Roku apps don’t have preview panes, but so many people use Netflix that they think all apps should).