Fast- forward thumbnail locks up on fire stick

Using an Amazon fire stick purchased a few weeks ago.

When watching recorded shows and using the fast forward function, the thumbnail window pops up. I choose where i want to watch and hit play. The show starts playing again, but the thumbnail locks up without disappearing, covering up a portion of the screen. To get the thumbnail to go away i have to exit the show and then choose play and resume from where left off. When the show restarts, the thumbnail is gone.

There must be a better way to get the thumbnail to go away after choosing where i want to watch from using the fast forward function.

Thanks for any help.

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Does this happen 100% of the time you fast forward? Which model of the Fire TV do you have?

We have five Fire Sticks recently purchased (not all same batch), and it doesn’t happen on any of their installations (including the random hotel TV), so I think it has to be specific to your installation, a faulty individual Fire Stick, or maybe the old Fire Stick (version 1). We’re running the latest public Tablo firmware (not the beta) on the Tablo itself and the regular Tablo Fire Stick app (not the preview Fire app).

Good luck!

The problem has resolved itself. The thumbnails are disappearing as they should be when a playback position is selected. I can’t account for what went wrong originally nor why it resolved. I did move the fire stick from one tv to another. Perhaps that reset it. Who knows.

For what it’s worth my fire stick is running fire tv home version, with software version fire os

Thank you for your responses. It seems my issue is no longer an issue.