Fast Forward Previews sometimes working/sometimes not


Brand new Tablo user and have a question or two. I looked (admittedly briefly) before asking the below questions:

  1. Some of my recordings allow for FF previews (box above progress bar) and some don’t. Why is this?
  2. I see people referreing to their Roku 30 sec skip button. I have a Roku 4 and don’t have this button or dont’ know what it is?

SOrry if these are silly questions.


The FF thumbnail previews only work on completed recordings. Recordings that are in progress will not have them. If there are errors in the video say due to transient poor OTA signal the thumbnail generation process will fail. The thumbnail generation process occurs only after the recording is completed, it takes a few minutes. But it needs a free tuner available to do this.

Thank you! This makes sense.

About how long do you think it needs to generate the thumbnails? I ask b/c i started watching a show that just finished recording almost immediately…

I checked one time, and it took 5 minutes to generate thumbnails for a 30 minute recording.

Thank you.

Also, as theuser86 mentioned, the process to generate them requires a free tuner. If all are tied up recording or watching live, the thumbnails won’t be generated until one is free.

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