Fast forward Issues

The Tablo app on my Roku seems to be the be way to use Tablo. The Samsung interface is subpar. But when watching a recording, shouldn’t I be able to see thumbnails when fast forwarding? Also, I thought there was some sort of marker where the commercials are. I don’t see them. And can I adjust the fast forward from 10 seconds a click to maybe 20 or 30 seconds?

Thumbnails take time and need an open tuner, so if you try to watch a recording immediately after it is done, they might not have been generated yet.
Commercial skip is not offered to new costumers, so you won’t see them if you bought your Tablo in the last 9 months,
Unfortunately you can’t adjust the fast forward, but I think it has been requested. You can open a topic under the Request category and ask for it. Maybe they’ll put it in their todo list.

The thumbnails worked for me today on my older Roku. I’m thinking I should probably return my dual for a quad. I’m very frustrated that ATSC 3.0 standard isn’t available yet. I’m sure everyone is.

The dual unit will result in a fair number of recordings not having the thumbnails created in postprocessing. Having just 2 tuners means you can only record or postprocess 1 show while you watch on the other tuner.

As a point of, probably, useless information the jump periods forward and back are determined by the device on which the playback app is running. As far as I know, the Fire Stick app is the only one that offers a choice. The victim can either jump by 10 or 20 seconds, depending on which button they mash. The app itself seems to be rather poorly written; it seem to manage memory very poorly which requires clearing cache and/or restarting.

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