Fast forward freezes

I have been using 4 tuner tablo with roku for a few days now. I have no real problem for the price, but fast forwarding during commercials is slow to freezing. We started watching commercials and not trying to skip commercials. Am I doing something wrong or what to do to speed up fast forwarding?

What playback device? Roku? Nexus Player? Computer?

We are using two Roku 3.

  1. What firmware on the Tablo? A stable build?
  2. Is your Tablo hard wired to your router
  3. Is one of the Rokus hard wired to the router?

I just got the Tablo unit this week. I think did the firmware update during set up. The Tablo is hard wired to my router. The Rokus are not hard wired to the router, but it is twenty feet away in direct line of sight.

Do you have any other wireless devices beside the Rokus? It’s possible wifi from different devices could interfere with each other. I read in this forum a while ago that someone had similar problems to you and resolve it simply by moving the Roku a couple of feet away from the other device…

Last question, what is the make and model of your router?

The WiFi just might not be strong enough for a fast enough signal.

Last last question, what recording quality are you using on the Tablo? You could try lowering your quality.

The router is Net Gear 750. We do have quite a few things using wifi. My wife is using the Tablo right now. I think the recording quality is set at preset settings.

My record setting is 720 HD.

Try changing the recording quality to 720 - 3Mbps and set up a new recording. Once it’s done recording, is the fast forwarding any faster?

I connected Tablo and Roku to power line adapters. All problems have been solved. Thanks everyone for your input.